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Timeless Paris

Who said that ancient stone wasn’t exciting? In the Latin Quarter and on the Île de la Cité and Île Saint- Louis, which form the historic heart of Paris, they are charged with emotion, light and magical shadows. Embark on a treasure hunt and discover the impres- sive sculpted facade of Notre-Dame or the sublime series of stained-glass windows of Sainte-Chapelle chapel.
Venture through the labyrinth of alleyways on the Left Bank, once bustling with hawkers, charlatans, already rebellious students, and cut-throats. Or like Baudelaire and Camille Claudel, opt for a gentle walk past private mansion houses on the Île Saint- Louis. Walking this way, you will pass bishops, rare birds and tulips at a little flower market, a queen, several poisoners, and the Girondins assembled for their last banquet at the Conciergerie. You will come across scientists from the Museum, mammoths and Japanese cherry-blossom trees, the jewellery of fine ladies of times gone by at the Hôtel de Cluny, Gallo-Romans at a grand event or the baths, and the patron saint of Paris ... Bon voyage!

artist’s Paris

Welcome to the Left Bank, the Babylon of beautiful things, where browsing through the pages of a fashion magazine or an art revue is an art in itself. This elegant world is sprinkled with chic and shock fashion designers, art galleries, antique galleries, literary cafés, and publishing houses with a whole string of prizes.
Not surprising when you consider what the muses have given it – the Académie Française, the Théâtre de l’Odéon, the Beaux-Arts, the Musée d’Orsay, not to mention, Montparnasse which, during The Roaring Twenties, was a Mecca for artists from all over the world, before drawing them to Saint-Germain. So much to see! Everywhere, art spills over the threshold of museum-workshops and boutiques. There is the Centaure by César at the Carrefour de la Croix-Rouge, 17th-century wrought iron balconies in rue de Buci and rue Saint-André- des-Arts, the Fontaine des Quatre Parties du monde, on avenue de l’Observatoire. And if the urban scene sets your head spinning, then go for greenery in the Luxembourg gardens, the parks of Montsouris, Georges-Brassens and the Jardin Atlantique.


The area around the Eiffel Tower is on a fitting scale to the tower itself. On a clear night, its beam sweeps through the sky in a radius covering 80 kilometres. The spectacle is awesome and one feels so small in this grandiose area with its massive buildings and vast green spaces!
Just opposite, for example, are the gems of the 1937 Universal Exposition: 71 artists decorated the Palais de Chaillot and a quartet of architects desi- gned the Palais de Tokyo and its white colonnade. On show in the latter is the acclaimed fresco La Fée Électricité by Dufy and the monumental La Danse triptychs by Matisse. For La Porte de l’Enfer, see the Musée Rodin.
And what spectacular perspectives – one stretching from the Esplanade des Invalides to beyond Pont Alexandre III, the other between the equestrian statues of the two marshals, Foch in place du Trocadéro and Joffre at the opposite end of the Champ-de-Mars, in front of the École Militaire.

Paris Village

Following in the footsteps of a horde of street entertainers, climb the picturesque ‘Butte’ (little hill), crowned by the Sacré-Cœur – the second most-visited site in Paris. A leisurely stroll will enable you to enjoy the pleasures of this wonderful Parisian ‘village’. And going from one ‘village’ to another you can venture as far as the popular Batignolles area, a hidden gem, before wandering through the Saint- Georges theatre district and the little place Gustave- Toudouze.
Surrounded by bell towers, the day begins at the counter of a cafe with a café crème and crusty buttered baguette. You can browse idly, filling your shopping basket full of delicious treats on rue Lepic, rue des Martyrs, rue Caulaincourt... and also with fabrics on rue d’Orsel and the Saint-Pierre market, and why not guitars on rue de Douai and rue Victor- Massé. Lunch is at a bistro serving simple, hot dishes or crunchy salads.